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Mean With Money - Hunter Davies

Mean With Money

Hunter Davies

Pub: November 2005
ISBN 1-904590-13-6

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At last, a book about money that tells it straight: put it under the bed. All of it. Sure, it makes for easy access to burglars but better them than the felons passing themselves off as financial advisors or acting as foot-soldiers for organisations with words like union, mutual, trust, alliance, equitable or assurance in their name.
  Mean With Money, inspired by Hunter Davies’ well-loved column in The Sunday Times, is wilfully short on practical advice but offers instead good humour and much-needed empathy as we face the corporate horror of high-handed and indifferent financial institutions
  Davies, one of Britain’s most celebrated writers, also looks at ingenious ways to save money (cut your own hair, for starters) and what to do with it when it arrives. Along the way, he reveals details of his regular visits to McDonald’s (it’s free to use their toilets), the eccentric old ladies who staff his local Oxfam shop and the swim that cost him £333.
  Famous for seminal works on The Beatles, football, and subjects as diverse as lottery winners and walking disused railway tracks, Davies is, once more, on top form. Go get ‘em Hunt.

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