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Rule Of Night - Trevor Hoyle Down the Figure 7 - Trevor Hoyle

Rule of Night

Trevor Hoyle

Pub. 12 June 2003
ISBN 1-904590-01-2

Down The Figure 7

Trevor Hoyle

Pub. 2010
ISBN 978-1904590255

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Trevor Hoyle has, since the mid-1970s, published a wide range of fiction from mainstream novels to speculative fiction on environmental themes and science-fiction.

He wrote the classic Q science-fiction trilogy and other novels have encompassed modern mythology, political satire and psychological thriller. The Guardian, reviewing his post nuclear holocaust fable Vail (John Calder), said "Hoyle has a sharp ear for the shifty idioms of menace and has mastered the knack of being both horrifying and funny."

In 2003 Trevor Hoyle's novel Rule of Night, originally published in 1975, was reissued by Pomona to critical acclaim. It was named as Time Out's Book of the Week, received a five-star rating in The Big Issue, and reviews in The Guardian and City Life.

In 2010, Pomona is publishing Down The Figure 7, exploring the secret world of childhood in the aftermath of the Second World War. An early extract from Hoyle's fictional memoir was the winning British entry in the Transatlantic Review Short Story competion.

In addition to his novels, Trevor Hoyle has also written a number of successful radio and television plays, winning the Radio Times Drama Award with his first play GIGO.


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