Pomona Publishing House and Record Label  
Pomona Publishing House and Record Label
Thu December 2nd 2021 

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Contact Pomona:

Postal Address

Suite 4
Bridge House
13 Devonshire Street
West Yorks
BD21 2BH


Tel: 01422 846900
email: james@pomonauk.co.uk

Pomona Books are distributed by Central Books and our sales representatives are Compass Independent Book Sales.


Step Off!
Lamentably, regrettably, much tears and everything...but until further notice we will not be able to look at any manuscripts sent in. Despite our honourable intentions and idealistic notions, we find ourselves unable to press on with all the wonderful books we wanted to publish, new writers we wanted to discover etc. In the meantime, we're slimming down a bit, pulling the front door to, and would ask that you bear with us until we're bigger, better, richer. This may take some time!

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