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Pomona Publishing House and Record Label
Tue June 25th 2024 

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Pomona: Links...

pomona :: Links

www.pomonapr.com Our other site. Pomona PR is the largest and the longest-established specialist company providing music PR to regional press in the UK.
www.markhodkinson.com The website of author Mark Hodkinson.
www.bracketpress.co.uk The home of Pomona designer Christian Brett; purveyor of fine items of digital and letterpress printed matter.
www.uktouring.org.uk/ian-mcmillan The website of Ian McMillan - 'the John Peel of poetry'.
www.trevorhoyle.com The website of author Trevor Hoyle.
www.billnelson.co.uk Rooms with brittle views.
www.billnelson.com Permanent Flame.
Crass Find out more about what Crass are all about, and what activities the various ex-members are currently involved in.  The site includes an extensive collection of archive material.
The Big Takeover Long running magazine from New York City. One of the coolest music magazines you're ever likely to read.  Friends and supporters of Pomona Sounds.
The First Church of Chumbawamba Up-to-date news, opinion, T-shirts, upcoming concerts, downloadable music, discussions, arguments, information and fetching pictures of the band.
Glyn Hughes The most wonderful Glyn Hughes, writer of Millstone Grit, poet of distinction, multi-award winner.

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