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Wed May 22nd 2024 

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Black September

Black September - Black September Black September


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You And Me both / Glass CarListen To Sample / Hook | Limestone / SaltListen To Sample / The Secret I Forgot /
Learning SilenceListen To Sample / Remember Me / All Sing Like A Bird In Cat's Mouth /
And Still The Voice Will Say LoveListen To Sample / Nowhere / Rosebud

...from The Big Takeover, NYC 2000:

"Tired of the same old same old same old (a theme of this issue), one day this darkly intense disc came through the speakers. Leave it to the English, Manchester especially, where this duo (with guest drummer) and label are from.

The place still has a knack for unusual atmospheres. Imagine Patrick Fitzgerald of Kitchens of Distinction singing in his lower range for the last days of Joy Division (or the first days of New Order without the drum machine). Add a raspy cello on one song, and guitars that sound like keyboards on other perilous ones like the well-titled Learning Silence. 

The music is circular, hypnotic, and gentle but not nice, like something out of a David Lynch movie. Stare at the radiant sleeve of the start of a woods (like The Cure's A Forest sleeve, another minor resemblance to the music), and you're reminded that the woods, like this CD, still is a labyrinth of hazard, of apprehension, but it's intriguing too (a central American impression, given the 'wilderness' the early European settlers encountered).

Not surprising, then, that mainman Geoff Read has a tiger-stripes beard, which looks fierce instead of utterly ridiculous, or that he refuses to play live, making sure you have to come into the woods to get to him. Note also that the label maxim is 'music with heart.' Where have we heard that before? Well they're welcome to share it with us, with releases like this."

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