Pomona Publishing House and Record Label  
Pomona Publishing House and Record Label
Tue June 25th 2024 

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The Monkey Run

The Monkey Run - Escape From the rake Escape From The Rake


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Falling UpstairsListen To Sample / Starfish / Don't Hide Yourself Away / Nailed To The Floor Of Happiness / One More DayListen To Sample / Smallest Smile / Bats / It Makes Me Happy / Inferior LifeListen To Sample / Fogwalking / The Evil Deceiver / Life Is A Swamp / The Jesus Wham!Listen To Sample / Manifesto / Weed Killers / I Want The Blood Of A Civil Servant

The Lord of the House of Pomona, he say:

"Always liked these pups. They folded in 1989 and few heard of 'em at the time, but as fore-runners of the Madchester explosion they were integral. Hard, honest, straight-edged new-wave (ah, memories), played with chest-thumping passion and not a little humour ('I Want the Blood of a Civil Servant', indeed)."

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