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Bill Nelson - Diary of a Hyperdreamer Diary of a Hyperdreamer 2

Diary of a Hyperdreamer Volume 1
Bill Nelson

Published: 4 Oct 2004, Re-published 22 June 2015
ISBN 1-904590-06-3

Diary of a Hyperdreamer Volume 2

Bill Nelson

Published: 20 May 2015
ISBN: 978-1904590316

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Bill Nelson is the founder of Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise, and has lived a life steadfastly dedicated to his muse. Now in his sixties and living with his Japanese wife, Emi, in rural Yorkshire, he spends his days making music, dreaming, scheming and fretting. In these verbatim entries from his diary he also reflects, with great tenderness, on the early death of his younger brother, Ian, a fellow musician. Elsewhere, he ponders...

on human nature:
Why is it that gentleness and sensitivity are in short supply whilst cynical spite and small-mindedness flourishes?

on his life-force:
Song after song after song, still yearning, searching, harvesting every last straw for the thatched roof of my own private cottage museum.

on the joy of life:
I had a ball simply looking and feeling. Wow! And I remembered our youth and those times and that music and I was grateful to be alive and to have lived through those times. Ain't life grand when you're in the mood for it to be so?

on the beauty of isolation:
Man, I'd live on a little island in the middle of some warm stream, away from the herd, counting the buttercups in the meadows and listening to the skylarks sing. The rest of the world could get on with its manipulations and acquisitions without inflicting its shit on me.

on the mundane:
Damaged my left hand last week, mainly middle finger, by accidentally hitting the banister on the stairs whilst rolling up my shirt sleeves.

and, of course, on the pineal gland:
Nights have been sticky and interrupted by bouts of insomnia and perversely lusty dreams. Apparently these are a result of the sun shining on the pineal gland on the top of one's head.

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