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Wed May 22nd 2024 

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Mark Lanegan - Sleevenotes

Mark Lanegan

Founding member of The Screaming Trees

Sleevenotes Series

Published 4 November 2019.

ISBN 978-1-904590-36-1

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Musicians choose favourite tracks from their back catalogue and provide telling insights into their creation, meaning or mood.

A founding member of Seattle rock band The Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan's solo career started in the late 1980s when he began writing and recording The Winding Sheet with contributions by Kurt Cobain. In the 30 years since, he has established himself as an artist as protean as he is prolific.

Collaborating with everyone from Moby to Queens of the Stone Age, Dean Ween to Greg Dulli, he has generated a body of work that is, by turns, mournful, lusty, brutal, comforting, nihilistic, hopeful, grieving, but always deeply human. Known to his friends as 'Dark Mark' or 'Old Scratch', Lanegan is a legendary hardass - stony on a good day, explosive on a bad one. A difficult interview who takes shit from no-one. Here, he cleaves himself open about the few things he loves: music, art, creating with his friends.

So sad to learn of the death of Mark Lanegan 22 Feb 2022. He was one of the most diligent, friendliest and decent authors with whom we have worked, always helpful and true to his word. Unfortunately, we have now sold out of the book.



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