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Zone of the Interior - Clancy Sigal

Zone of the Interior

Clancy Sigal

Pub: November 2005
ISBN 1-904590-10-1

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‘The book they dared not print’, Zone of the Interior is a lost classic of zonked-out, high-as-a-kite Sixties literature. It tells the story of Sid Bell, an American political fugitive in London, who falls under the spell of Dr. Willie Last (modelled on the radical 'anti-psychiatrist' RD Laing).
 This unlikely duo feast on LSD, mescaline, psilocybin and psychobabble, believing that only by self-injecting themselves with schizophrenia will they become true existentialist guerrillas. Their 'purple haze' odyssey takes them into the eye of the hurricane - mental hospitals, secure units for the violent, the Harley Street cabal of the 'Sacred 7' and semi-derelict churches that come complete with an underground tank for the woman convinced she's a fish.
 Sigal's approach is richly sardonic and anti-establishment, of both right and left, in a jazz-influenced free-form prose, comic and serious, myth-puncturing and elegiac. Along the way Sigal, now an established Hollywood screenwriter makes the case for a revolutionary period of mental health nursing whose task is as yet undone.

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