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Hunter Davies - The Fan

Pomona's main title for Christmas 2003 is The Fan, a collection of pieces written by Hunter Davies and originally featured in the New Statesman.

These brilliantly funny and well-observed articles cover all aspects of football and represent Hunter Davies at his most "uncensored". He writes in a free, uninhibited and hilarious style, expressing his feelings for his beloved Carlisle United, Spurs, football on television, David Beckham's latest haircut, footballers with funny names, being assaulted in the urinals at a match, his love of Ron Atkinson.and much, much more. It is essential reading for the legions of fans of Davies' incisive wit and shrewd insight.

One of our greatest commentators on football, and life in general, Davies' work in the past few years shows a writer at the absolute top of his game - sharp, concise and brilliantly straight-forward. Admirers regularly photo-copied his pieces from the NS to pass them on to friends, but now they won't have to.

The Fan columns continue to run in the New Statesman and Hunter also writes for the Daily Mail. He is a former editor of the Sunday Times Magazine.

The Glory Game caused great controversy when it was first published in the early '70s as he charted his access to the inner sanctums of a top club and spared nothing and no-one.

He is the author of over 30 books, including the only authorised biography of The Beatles and the Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush which summed up the mood of the swinging '60s.

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